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Background experience, Approach, Training

I have over 30 years experience of working therapeutically with people both in organisational and private practice settings. I started working in community mental health, then spent seven years working with staff and students in the health service, three years with students in further and higher education and 12 years working with staff in the private sector which included Post Traumatic Incident Counselling. I enjoy working with a range of people both individuals and couples; younger and older, and from different cultural, sexual, religious and ethnic backgrounds. I particularly enjoy working with couples since I'm so aware that our primary relationship is so crucial to our overall enjoyment of ourselves and of our lives.

Theoretical/Philosophical Approach

My psychodynamic training underpins my current integrative approach which incorporates systemic and transpersonal models within an attachment-based framework. My experience has enabled me to adapt my approach to what will be most effective for a particular client.

My belief, briefly, is that everybody's personality and "self" develops through a complex interplay between inherited factors, early environmental and later life experiences. From this we tend to form a blueprint or "way of being" that continues through our lives to a lesser or greater extent in part dependent on how aware we are of the influence this may be having on us. This internal "way of being" can often be outside of our conscious awareness.

Choices we make both in relation to our path in life as well as who we choose to be close to can be influenced by this blueprint. If our choices are good our hopes and wishes can be fulfilled but if they are not so good our worst fears can be confirmed possibly reinforcing more destructive patterns of relating both to people in our lives (especially those closest to us) and to how we experience the world we live in.

The overall aim of psychotherapy/counselling is to develop a greater awareness of ourselves on all levels. To realise and work through the impact of our histories and areas of emotional pain and/or woundedness. To develop insight around the ways in which we may be contributing to our life experience in the choices we make especially in ways that may be unhelpful. This can lead to greater sense of personal empowerment and an ability to experience life as much as possible as it is.

Professional Training/Qualifications

  • 1987: Diploma in Advanced Psychodynamic Counselling (WPF)
  • 1985: Intro & Part 1 Family/Marital Therapy (Institute of Family Therapy)
  • 1986: Clinical Practicum - Family/Marital Therapy (WPF)
  • 1990: BACP Accreditation Awarded
  • 1993: Group Work - Foundation Year (Institute Group Analysis)
  • 1995: Time Limited Counselling/Psychotherapy (Westminster Pastoral Foundation)
  • 2003: BACP Senior Accreditation Awarded
  • 2004: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Westminster Pastoral Foundation)
  • 2016: Diploma in Transpersonal Couple Counselling and Psychotherapy (CCPE)

    Areas of Specialism
  • Relationships and Couple Counselling/Psychotherapy

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