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Taken from feedback forms - (with permission)

What couples have said about their experience of couples therapy

"I found the experience to be enlightening and insightful. We really benefited from having the exercises set as homework to encourage us to continue thinking about the relationship in a constructive way outside of the therapy sessions. It was also helpful to have the exercises be suggested based on the outcome of the session i.e. geared towards our needs as a couple. I found the way that you guided the session to allow time for both of us to discuss our feelings to be an integral part of our progress. Also the flexibility in letting us choose whether to discuss the outcome of the exercises or to talk about anything else that we found more pressing at that time meant that I always felt the session was relevant to my needs."

"I learnt to understand myself better and to be kinder to myself. I also learned why I may react to situations the way that I do and that I need to work on both listening and hearing others. I gained a greater understanding of what it is that I may want or need from a partner going forward."

"This was my first experience of Couples Therapy and despite my initial apprehension, Phoebe made me feel completely at ease with her professional and non-judgemental approach. With Phoebe's support, my partner and I were able to explore some of our challenges in a safe and constructive way allowing us to gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our roles within the relationship. I would highly recommend couples therapy to those who may be interested."

Jane and Chris: July 2020

"We went to Phoebe for couple counselling because our relationship was in a bad place. After 20 years of marriage we were arguing and no longer communicating. It was frightening – there was a real risk that things would fall apart. But Phoebe was amazing. We didn't know her - we found her by searching the BACP website - and we struck gold. Over three months Phoebe's warmth, skill and total fairness helped us to see the unresolved issues that we had brought to the relationship as individuals, and the ways in which those issues were blinding us to the reality of the other person. Our communication improved, our sense of fun returned, and we have learned to take better care of each other and of ourselves. We are in a much happier place now and we feel so grateful for the work Phoebe did with us. She is a wonderfully gifted counsellor and we recommend her to anyone who needs some support to get to a better place."

Rose and Charlie: February 2020

"I found Phoebe to be an excellent therapist because her analytical skills meant that she was able to get to the core of our problems relatively quickly. Phoebe is very intuitive and her reading of difficult situations was almost always accurate. She pinpointed issues and made connections that I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own. She was impartial, never blaming one or the other, and allowing space for my partner and I to communicate directly. Her sessions were a safe space, where I felt able to be myself, without feeling any shame or embarrassment. She is empathic and constructive, and thoroughly professional while never losing her personal touch which meant so much. What we will take away from the sessions is an agreement that open and totally honest communication between us is the best way forward to avoid festering conflict."

"it was a life changing experience for both of us."

David and Serena: December 2021

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